The ECPB Zora Janžekovič Prize

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The Prize is awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of burn care, especially achieved under difficult circumstances. The Prize consists of a Golden Blade, a Certificate, and a financial award. Prize winners are invited to the corresponding ECPB World Congress and also to deliver the Zora Janžekovič Honorary Lecture at the Congress. Candidates should be proposed by Ordinary or Extraordinary ECPB Members in writing. Proposals must be sent to the President of the Prize Committee, and must contain a comprehensive CV and documentation substantiating the proposal. The Prize Committee (President, ECPB Secretary, previous Prize winner) evaluates all proposals and suggests 1-3 candidates to the General Assembly in the year preceding an ECPB World Congress. The Prize winner is elected by simple majority. ECPB Workshop, Castle Seggau, Graz, Austria
September 25, 2007


Zora Janzekovic prize

Prize Winner 2007: Zora Janžekovič
Prize Winner 2009: Jacek Puchala
Prize Winner 2011: Heinz Rode
Prize Winner 2014: Marija Trop
Prize Winner 2017: Habib Ur Rahman Qasim

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