Thank you. It is an immense honor for me to be a member of the international organizations "ECPB and InterBurns" whose members’ strive for the protection and prosperity of human beings. These organizations assisted me at a time when I had almost lost hope in my field due to the critical condition of my patients, lack of experience and lack of proper equipment. ECPB and Interburns trained me and Kispi helped the burned care ward, so my hospital can now offer treatment and support to children with burns within the country. With regard to this prestigious award, I am trying to find words to express my happiness and appreciation. I could not even dream of this award. It is all because of your kindness, love, and the prayers of the children whom we supported with the improved services. I humbly accept the award and consider it as an honor for Afghan doctors, for my society and my country.

I once again thank you all and express my sincere gratitude to ECPB and its senior management especially Pr Clemens Schiestl, Pr Tom Potokar and Ms Renate Pfann, who visited my hospital in Kabul and encouraged us. I am also grateful to the support that I received from my management and the Ministry of Public Health. We tried as a team to do our bit; however, it is a start that can be an inspiration to others. Through our commitment and hard work, we will try to share what we have learned so that we can spread awareness of the cause and success to other parts of Afghanistan. We still have a number of challenges; however, through the generous support of both MoPH and our international friends, we will overcome those challenges. I look forward to your continued support for the improvement of burn care services to the needy children in Afghanistan. Thank you very much!

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