The "European Club for Paediatric Burns" was founded on 7 September 1991 by:

  • Giovanni Andrea Grisolia, Florence, Italy
  • Helmut Lochbuhler, Munich, Germany
  • Martin Meuli, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Anna Maria Tamisani, Genoa, Italy


I. Goals

  1. To standardise and to optimise paediatric burn care.
  2. To organize workshops (annually) and congresses (every third year).
  3. To collect, evaluate and publish multi-centre data.
  4. To stimulate contact and exchange of physicians and personnel between paediatric burn centres.
  5. To exchange information about current projects regularly.
  6. To promote paediatric burn centres.


II. Ordinary Membership

Ordinary membership is possible for physicians who regularly take care of burned children, ideally in a paediatric burn centre, and who are trained in paediatric surgery and burns as well as in paediatrics, so that they can assume the full responsibility in treating all kinds of paediatric burns. Application for ordinary membership is possible on written proposal of one ordinary member. New ordinary members are elected by simple majority.

III. Extraordinary Membership

Extraordinary membership is possible for a) physicians interested in paediatric burns, b) active members of burn teams, and c) for persons/non-commercially oriented institutions committed to paediatric burn care and prevention. Extraordinary membership is obtained on written personal application by simple majority.

IV. Exclusion from ECPB

The exclusion of an ordinary member or an extraordinary member is possible at the request of an ordinary member by simple majority.
To remain a member/extraordinary member of the ECPB it is necessary to contribute to at least one activity in a three year cycle commencing with the first workshop after the World Congress.

V. Organisation of the ECPB

  1. Ordinary members: Ordinary members are entitled to vote as well as to make applications. To take a vote a quorum of one third of the ordinary members is necessary. Otherwise the vote is taken in writing.
  2. Extraordinary members: Extraordinary members are entitled to make applications, however, they are not entitled to vote.
  3. Secretary: One of the ordinary members is elected Secretary by simple majority. He coordinates the activities of the ECPB and represents the club in terms of being the person to contact. The Secretary is elected for a 3-year term of office. In his third year of office, the Secretary organizes an international meeting on paediatric burns. During this meeting a new Secretary is elected and enters in function January 1st of the following year.


Membership Forms
Ordinary Member     Extraordinary Member